Our Team

Egidijus Vaitiekūnas

Projects Manager

Egidijus Vaitiekūnas has a masters’ degree in environmental security policy from Mykolas Romeris University. Vaitiekūnas has worked at BAVI since 2009. He prepares market research and analysis of the energy and utilities sectors of Lithuania and other countries around the world. Vaitiekūnas also acts as a representative and mediator in the purchase of businesses, necessary technical equipment and real estate. 

Jūratė Baliūnaitė

Projects Manager

Jūratė Baliūnaitė received her master’s in business administration and management from Gediminas Technical University and has worked at BAVI since 2010. Baliūnaitė consults clients on EU financial support issues and prepares possibilities studies for businesses as well as for investment projects for the Rural Development Program and other initiatives. She also works on international projects developed by the European Union and various partnerships.

Julija Nikolajeva 


Julija Nikolajeva has a master’s degree in business economics from Vilnius University. She has worked at BAVI since 2011. Nikolajeva prepares and analyzes financial accounts, plans and prepares our budget, makes financial prognosis for investment projects and business plans, and consults clients on financial and tax questions.