Commission launches Private Storage Aid for pigmeat to stimulate EU pig market recovery

A Commission move to introduce Private Storage Aid for pigmeat in order to ease pressure on  the EU pigmeat market has been voted by Member States in the [Management] Committee and will be formally opened in the coming days (next week). Under the combined effect of Russian import barriers and the increase in EU production, prices have considerably decreased on all European markets.

Even if there is a hint of slow recovery, the EU pig price is still 20% below the 5-year-average – and have been more than 15% below the 5-year average for 6 months. Gross margins are also more than 15% below the historical average and with many producers having been in a situation of negative revenue for a number of months, farmers are facing serious problems of liquidity.

Under the scheme, the Commission finances a fixed amount to contribute to the basic costs of storage for certain pigmeat cuts (for 90-150 days) – for example for hams the rate varies between 254 €/tonne for 90 days and 278 €/t for 150 days. Aid for private storage is a market measure within the frame of the CMO Regulation 1308/2013 that compensate part of the storage cost for a certain period.

Information from source: European Commission