Regio Invest LT +

The Ministry of Economy, in order to encourage companies to adapt innovation in the regions and increase productivity, is launching a call for proposals under the measure “Regio Invest LT +” financed from 2014-2020 European Union (EU) structural funds. Under this call 28.9 million. Euro from EU funds is planned to be invested.

Support under the measure “Regio Invest LT + will be limited to very small, small and medium-sized enterprises operating in Lithuania except from the major cities – Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda. The recipient company will be able to finance reconstruction or construction of a new building, the acquisition and installation of the production process lines, wages, and promotion of workers qualification.

The maximum amount of support for the project to purchase equipment or technology can reach up to 0.9 million. Euro. If the project is designed for both – construction or reconstruction and the acquisition of equipment and technologies – the support may be up to 2.1 million. Euro. Medium-sized enterprises the support will cover 35 percent of project, and for very small and small businesses – 45 percent.

The investor will have to invest at least 0.2 million. EUR of private funds and to set up at least 10 jobs and retain them for at least 3 years. Great attention will be paid to encourage investors to create new jobs requiring high-skilled labour.

Application deadline – 21th May, 2015