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Publicity and Training

Baltic Institute of Agribusiness publicizes projects and organizes training, information, conferences and academic seminars for public and academic institutions from both Lithuania and from across the globe. Our services answer their questions about a variety of topics, including agriculture, safety of food products, veterinary issues, environmental protection, and energy, as well as about financial support from the EU and other international funds.

Implemented Publicity and Training Projects:

Development Cooperation and Democracy Promotion projects, 2014

Development Cooperation and Democracy Promotion projects, 2013

Development Cooperation and Democracy Promotion projects, 2011-2012 

In 2012, we hosted a seminar exploring the challenges and possibilities of exporting Lithuanian food products to the United States, held at Agrobalt, a international exhibition for the agriculture and food industries that is held every few years.

In 2012 Dr. Einar Hope, the former president of the International Association for Energy Economics, lectured business and community representatives about perspectives concerning the connection between traditional and green energy. He also gave a lecture to students from the Institute of International Relations and Political Science at Vilnius University about the development and competitiveness of green energy.

We have also provided seminars and training for local action groups and village communities, such as in 2010, when we helped these groups plan strategic projects as a part of Lithuania’s 2007-2013 rural development program.

Through 2008 into 2009, we held a series of seminars about the power of rural development to provide a higher standard of living for rural communities. These information and training seminars were given to a diverse group of BAVI partners – farmers, businessmen and government representatives – at our Strategic Communication Center.

We have also held a series of seminars titled “Rural Development – Signs of Rural Rebirth.” These seminars about European Union agricultural grants were held in 2006, and were attended by farmers, businessmen, and representatives of government institutions.